3 Ways the Crystal Ceiling Blocks Your Growth

The qualities that made you successful can actually hold you back.

In your own entrepreneurial life, have you achieved a certain level of success, then hit a plateau?

Do you spend most of your time putting out fires or sitting in meetings?

Does your head hurt?

Join Me in Los Angeles

Open to a limited number of agents, this event is tentatively scheduled to be in Los Angeles in May, 2019. We’ve negotiated a special rate at a huge discount — more than 90% off the Million Dollar Agent program cost. There are 100 things you could sell, but...

5 Financial Strategies to Maximize the 2018 Election

Here are five trends that resulted from the recent tax cuts and that may or may not survive 2019 legislation. 

In other words, you have some powerful, and potentially expiring, benefits available to you for at least the rest of 2018. 

My Interview with Jack Canfield

Here’s an 8-minute interview with Jack Canfield.

Jack’s been a mentor, ally, and friend.

I share this video with the hope that it will stir you to find a better path to success.

My Interview with Symmetry Financial

Here's an interview I did with Symmetry Financial. If you're an insurance professional, I believe you'll find it practical and challenging... in a good way.     P.S. If you or your company would like some elevated thinking, here’s an online brochure and PDF...

Why Insurance?

Here’s a question I get asked a lot…

“Chris, of all the things you could be doing, why do you spend so much energy in the life insurance industry?”

It’s simple… Because it’s so exciting. 😉 

What Advice Would You Give Yourself 20 Years Ago?

Chris Jarvis shares some advice with Jack Canfield in this 1 minute video. They say that only hindsight is truly 20/20 after your many years as an entrepreneur what advice would you give to your younger self?   https://vimeo.com/251846046

Be The Giraffe

One of the best strategies you can apply to your business is learning how small, incremental improvements in your core processes can result in geometric growth for the entire company.” – Tony Robbins Often times internal teams at companies can get tunnel vision and...