about Chris Jarvis, MBA, CFP®

Bestselling author and entrepreneurial strategist Chris Jarvis helps you see differently, so you can business differently.



Like you, Chris has seen his share of complex business challenges.

How do you break through the “crystal ceiling”?

What are the blind spots that hold you back?

Why do you feel frustrated by so-called experts—listened to, but not heard?

Must we continue on the same old path, or is there a different, better way?


Helping others see differently

Thousands of executives, agents, and companies have turned to Chris Jarvis because he brings perspective that few can offer. His unique background includes actuarial science, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.  His industry expertise includes insurance, healthcare, and personal finance. Most importantly, he has worked with thousands of companies and studied the most creative operating models in various industries.

And while you don’t necessarily think of an applied mathematician, actuarial analyst, and micro-economic strategist (yes, he’s all of those) as a disruptor, visionary, and true listener, those are the very things Chris is known for.

It’s why billionaires, national brands, and family offices call on him to help solve their most complicated challenges.


Unique perspective from business, insurance, and medical arenas

His work includes American Association of Medical Society Executives (AAMSE), National CPA Health Care Advisors Association and hundreds of continuing education seminars, including the International College of Surgeons, Mass Mutual’s Blue Chip Group, Prudential Advisors, Symmetry Financial Group, Lion Street’s Trusted Advisors Symposium, and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

Author of over a dozen books, Chris has appeared on Bloomberg Television, A&E, and BRAVO. He’s been quoted in The Wall Street and Los Angeles Business Journals, his articles appearing in over 100 publications, including California CPA and Physician’s Money Digest. (is this the cause that generated over 10,000 successful people to contact me for help – giving me that unique perspective?  is it because I told a different narrative that people flocked to me – which gave me insights precious few do)

After putting himself through college and the Anderson School at UCLA, Chris earned national notoriety and millions of dollars by helping businesses solve complex problems. Through twenty-five years of involvement with a diverse group of business owners, including creating insurance companies for one of the world’s ten largest companies, Chris noticed the patterns of his happiest and most successful clients within the medical, insurance, and other industries. These invaluable psychological, economic, and operational lessons are the basis for his books, seminars, training materials, and custom consulting offerings.

2018 Commencement Speech, iUniversity Prep

As an author, speaker, and consultant with a different view Chris brings a unique fusion of academics, creativity, and street smarts, along with years of experience at the highest levels of business. Add to that his relatable, no nonsense style and you find that rare quality that allows him to connect practically and deeply with audiences large and small.

Unlike many advisors and keynote speakers, Chris knows your industry. He actually worked his way up, started and sold businesses, and made seven-figure sales. He’s an actuary who has created insurance products and made million-dollar commission sales.  Chris has consulted on business operations with the biggest names in the insurance, financial, and marketing industries.

Rather than being jaded, or consumed with financial success, Chris Jarvis is driven by his desire to help people find the path to their true potential, enjoy their lives, and succeed in serving others.


He has a goal of improving the lives of one million children while being a role model for his three.

Chris’s tumultuous youth shaped his future. Divorce, premature death, mental illness, and bankruptcy all contributed to his family’s financial struggles.  He vowed to become a success; to dedicate his life to helping others avoid the pain and frustration caused by endless worries about money.

To give back, Chris works with organizations that are dedicated to improving the quality of life of others.  He proudly sits on the dean’s advisory council of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and on the advisory boards of Angel City Sports and Streamline Miami, to name a few.  

Chris enjoys life in Southlake, Texas with his wise and loving wife Heather and their three wonderful, if not formidable, children.


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